AQUANIL-X is a premium waterless car wash brought to you by Croftgate USA. Without the need for hoses and bucket, it’s now easy to wash a car anywhere, anytime. Crafted from high quality waxes, it leaves amazing results. Not only will Aquanil-X make cleaning easier, it makes it easier for longer. Thanks to the complex macro-polymers, Aquanil-X helps to create an antistatic layer that with the help of a micro fibre towel, will help to keep dust and dirt suspended, and make it easier to clean off.

Simply spray on and wipe off. For best results it is advised to use a micro fibre towel for application and a second towel for removal.

As well as the benefits mentioned above, Aquanil-X is eco-friendly! Never again will you have to feel guilty when washing your pride and joy.